Silver has always been associated with luxury and elegance - from dining utensils to jewelry.  The feline silver coat colors carry this feeling of elegance to your beloved companion. 


Silverpaws kitties are socialized to help maximize the warm and loving nature of cats and make them exceptional additions to your family

American Shorthair kitten

Silverpaws Cattery, Inc - 

The premier Cat Fancy Association licensed Cattery in the Midwest for American Shorthairs specializing in the rare Shaded Silver, Silver Ticked Tabby and Shaded Cameo colors.  

GC Silverpaws
Gin-Iro Musashi

Silverpaws Cattery now has its second Grand.  Musashi swept the competition at the Phoenix cat show on October 15, 2022 to achieve his Grand Champion status.  

It seems to have gone to his head, because he appears to find all this winning a little boring.  

GP Silverpaws
Kirena Hana

A Shaded Silver American Shorthair who epitomizes the Breed Standard.

There are only a handful throughout the entire United States, of which a handful are in the Midwest Region. All have Granded in their respective categories.

  • North American Shorthair Club 9th Best Finalist 2020-2021

  • North American Shorthair Club Finalist 2019-2020

Kirena Hana, affectionally called "Mimi" at home is Silverpaws Cattery first Grand!.

American shorthair cat colors

Unique and rare coat colors


We are down to 2 kittens from our latest litters - Pinkie and Tazz.  Both are beautiful cats and very affectionate.  


If you might be interested in an older cat, we do have some available.   Please check out our "Adoptable Cats" page.  



American Shorthair kitten

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