Silver has always been associated with luxury and elegance - from dining utensils to jewelry.  The feline silver coat colors carry this feeling of elegance to your beloved companion. 


Silverpaws kitties are socialized to help maximize the warm and loving nature of cats and make them exceptional additions to your family

Silverpaws Cattery, Inc - 

The premier Cat Fancy Association licensed Cattery in the Midwest for American Shorthairs specializing in the rare Shaded Silver, Silver Ticked Tabby and Shaded Cameo colors.

GP RW Sato

A Shaded Silver American Shorthair which epitomizes the Breed Standard.

Sato is the one who started my passion about breeding this beautiful and rare color.


There are only a handful throughout the entire United States, of which three are in the Midwest Region. All have Granded in their respective categories.

  • 13th Best Region 6 Finalist 2013-2014

  • 6th Best of Breed American Shorthair 2013-2014

  • 23rd Best Region 6 Finalist 2014-2015

  • 4th Best of Breed American Shorthair 2014-2015

Sato has also been involved with many video and photo shoots as well for feline products.

Sato was the start of our cattery.  We fell in love with amazingly different color.  We also like doing the other "different" colors such as Shaded Cameo and Silver Ticked Tabby to name a couple others.  Our goal is to provide social, well-trained cats who are more like "little white dogs" as one family member calls them.  They like to ride in the car, fetch balls, and come running to meet you when you come home.

Unique and rare coat colors



Name: CH Tomo

Coat: Shaded Cameo

Shaded Cameo is a very unique color and has not been seen much until recently.  They have an undercoat white with a mantle of red tipping shading down the sides, face, and tail from dark on the ridge to white on the chin, chest, stomach, and under the tail. Legs to be the same tone as face. Shaded Cameos do carry the silver inhibitor and thus, can produce kittens other than Shaded Cameo.


Name: Cleopatra

Coat: Silver Ticked Patched Tabby

A Silver Ticked Tabby does not have obvious markings on the body, but has distinct tabby striping on the head, neck, legs and tail. The hair shafts on the body should be ticked with various shades of the marking color. When viewed from above, the body is free from obvious spots, stripes or blotches, except for darker shading on the back. The lighter underside may show tabby markings.  Cat must have at least one distinct necklace.


Name: CH Peaches

Coat: Blue Silver Patched Tabby

This color includes a white undercoat, ground color, including lips and chin, pale, clear bluish silver with classic, mackerel or ticked tabby markings of deep blue with patches of cream clearly defined on both body and extremities. A blaze of cream on the face is desir- able. Eye color: green or hazel.

Name: Spotlight

Coat: Silver Tabby

Another tabby pattern is the blotched or marbled tabby, also called the "classic tabby." This is characterized by swirls, and the rings around the legs and tail are often much wider than the rings of the mackerel tabby. Classic tabby patterns are often compared to a bullseye on target. 

A litter of kittens was born August 25, 2020!   Adoptions in 12 weeks.  Two are males, two are females.

Current Show Cats

CH Silverpaws In-Honor-of Cha Cha

CH Silverpaws Gin-Iro Musashi


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