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Shaded silver American shorthair

Adoptable Cats

Most of the kittens in our most recent litters are spoken for (see below for available kittens.  We do not have another litter on the way at this time, but that should change in the near future.  Keep checking back and we will notify folks as soon as we have some little buns in the oven.  

If you would be interested in a mature cat, check out our Adoptable Older Cats section.  

*NOTE:  All adoptable cat prices are Final and Non-Refundable.


Kittens Currently Available

Available Kittens*


Silver Tabby Girl

She was born July 18, 2022.  A very sweet loving kitty, will crawl into your lap and go to sleep.  Loves to play with the laser light and crinkle balls as well.  


Shaded Cameo Male

A fun and loving kitten, will chase crinkle balls and bring them back to have them thrown again until he wears himself out!  Born August 9, 2022, he is truly a clown, but loves to cuddle and purr.

Older Adoptable Cats

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