Shaded silver American shorthair

Adoptable Cats

At the present time we have no adoptable kitties available.  Please check back and we will update this page as soon as we have some buns in the oven.  


Kittens Currently Available


Unfortunately, we have no cats available for adoption at this time.  

We are a small cattery and not a kitty mill, so we do not keep a large inventory on hand.  We also give our queens an adequate period of rest between litters so they and the kitties they produce can be in the best possible health. 

We also tend to develop a  continuing relationship with the folks who adopt our beloved babies, so our existing customers get preference if they decide they want another SilverPaws Kitty to keep their other SilverPaws kitties company.

The best way to get your own SilverPaws kitty is get on our waiting list and tell us about what kind of cat you would like.  Then, when we come up with a good match for you, you will be all set.  


Walter Paddlepaws - 
sorry, he's taken,
but we still have his dad and mom, so we can make more like him.  

Affiliated Catteries

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Two mackerel boys


A shaded silver girl