Name:   CH Tomo

Coat: Shaded Cameo

Tomo is the patriarch of the Silverpaws Cattery bloodlines.  He has fathered 12 litters, which have produced  32 beautiful kittens. 


Name:   American Icon

Coat:  Brown Tabby

Affectionately known as "Big Mac"


Name:   Billy Idol

Coat:  Shaded Silver


Name:   Starboy

Coat:  Classic Red Tabby


Name: Cleopatra - ♀

Coat: Silver Ticked Patched Tabby


Name: CH Peaches - ♀

Coat: Blue Silver Patched Tabby

This color includes a white undercoat, ground color, including lips and chin, pale, clear bluish silver with classic, mackerel or ticked tabby markings of deep blue with patches of cream clearly defined on both body and extremities. A blaze of cream on the face is desirable. Eye color: green or hazel.


Name: Spotlight - ♀

Coat: Silver Tabby

Another tabby pattern is the blotched or marbled tabby, also called the "classic tabby." This is characterized by swirls, and the rings around the legs and tail are often much wider than the rings of the mackerel tabby. Classic tabby patterns are often compared to a bullseye on target. 


Name:  Nabu - 

Coat:  Brown Tabby

The markings are dense, clearly defined, with narrow pencilings.  Necklaces on the neck and chest are distinct, like so many chains.  The head is barred with an "M" on the forehead.


Name: Shimmer -  ♀

Coat: Shaded Silver

A rare color.  The undercoat is white, with a mantle of black tipping shading down from the sides, face and tail from dark on the ridge to white on the chin, chest, stomach, and under the tail.

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