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How to wash an American Shorthair

Materials needed:

  • Dawn dishwashing liquid

  • Crystal Black or White

  • Vinegar

Mix together about a quarter-size amount of Crystal Black/White with water and microwave until warm.

Also, mix together a quarter cup of white vinegar with a pitcher of hot water.

American Shorthairs have a double coat, so be sure to get cat completely soaked.


Clean with Dawn dishwashing liquid. Rinse as thoroughly as possible.


Pour the Crystal Black/White mixture over cat and wash. Rinse as thoroughly as possible.


Pour the pitcher of vinegar and water over the cat and rinse thoroughly.




Once the cat is washed, take into the bathroom and comb out the fur using a blowdryer as well. Comb and comb and comb until either mostly dry or not as much hair comes out. The more you bathe the cat, the more you will get out.

The comb is a special size comb. Both the comb and the Crystal Black/White can be purchased from Chuck at 3 Day Pet Supply. His number is 818-571-4300. His wife’s name is Hyrene and she is marvelous to work with as well. Tell them you want the small American Shorthair Comb. 

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