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Travel Buddy

This is Kukki, one of our Queens and now soon-to-be new mom. She is a silver patched ticked tabby. But Kukki loves to travel! As you can see, she even has her own piece of luggage full of toys (of course!), show supplies, food and litter. Whether it's by plane or by car, she is ready to go at a moment's notice.

She loves staying in all the different hotels, and peruses around the room. Of course, still being a cat, she always want to see if she can get under the bed. So we stay in rooms that beds are on a pedestal. We learned that early on! And she loves looking out the hotel room window at passersby, who are surprised to see a silver cat sitting in the window. Kukki loves to fetch mouse toys. Indeed, she is a fanatic about her "mouseys" and can play fetch-and-bring-back for hours. And it's good exercise while we are on the road.

She's off the show circuit for now but she'll be back once she is done being a mommy!

Either give me a toy or let's go!

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